*We will have a spelling test, word wall test, and reading test every Friday. Students will be introduced to the words at the beginning of the week and a copy of them will be sent home to you in the SAFARI Book. At home practice of the spelling and word wall words is highly recommended.

*Students will have a weekly reading story in their reading book. Students should practice reading this story each night. Students will be tested on the story each Friday.

***Reading will be extremely important this year. Students will be exposed to a lot of reading at school but it is very important that they are exposed to it at home. Whenever possible, encourage your child to read, read with your child, and read to your child. The more exposure a child can have the better. We will be working from a variety of different reading sources including our reading series, leveled readers, and our classroom library. I will be asking that your child practice reading every night. You will find a reading log in the STAR book. Each time you and your child read jot it down. When you do I will give your child a ticket. Every Friday, I will draw two tickets out to go to the treasure box.

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